Oil Bath in Ayurveda: Foundation of Healthy Living

Great new article on Oil Bath in Ayurveda on my blog at BodyMind Wellness Center. Ayurvedic Oil Bath article.

"...In India the word "bath" is used to describe any kind of treatment of the skin. Swimming in the ocean is "sea bath" a shower is "shower bath" and so on. So massage with warm oil is called Oil Bath. In Ayurveda oil bath is called Abyangha, but this implies someone else massaging in a particularly skilled fashion that involves specific methodologies. So when you do it on yourself we call it Oil Bath.

Weekly self massage with Seseame, Coconut, or Mustard Oil, depending on the season, climate, and individual dosha is a traditional part of Indian culture. As 70% of diseases come from Vata elevation, and Oil Massage is a fantastic way to pacify Vata, weekly self massage, along with a meditation practice that calms the Vata elevated mind, is some of the best prevention and treatment for Vata elevation and the diseases that follow Vata elevation/vitiation...."

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