Why Meditate?

Why Should You Meditate?

There is now so much science that documents the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, and also Mantra Meditation, which the Transcendental Meditation organization sells, for quite a lot of money, as TM.

Herbert Benson, M.D., was the first to do research on the benefits of Mantra Meditation, and he also proved that ANY mantra, even just repeating the word, "flower, flower, flower" or "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" silently, almost listening for the word more than repeating it,  for 20 minutes twice per day will lower your blood pressure.

That was long ago, in the early 70's as I recall. Tons of research has been done since. I like to recommend the books Calming Your Anxious Mind by Dr. Jeffrey Brantly, M.D., as well as Insight Meditation, by Joseph Goldstein, for people interested in Mindfulness Meditation.

An excellent Buddhist Meditation teacher is Ajaan Geoff/Thanissero Bhikku, in Escondido. He has lots of free Dharma Talks and How to Meditate info on line.

Here are some excellent articles from the New York Times. I am always trying to get my sports medicine Acupuncture patients to meditate, because I know that muscles contract more powerfully when they relax, and with the modern lifestyle we carry so much stress in our body's.

Meditation for Athletes

How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

The Health Benefits of Meditation

So, get out there and learn to meditate. Its easy, like riding a bike. Each failure is part of the lesson. Just keep getting back on. Just keep pedaling.

Do it for you mind. And do it for your body, too.

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