Neem for Skin Disorders: Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis

The Medicine Tree of India

The Neem Tree,  is a large tropical tree whose majestic original home is in India and Burma.....

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shu said…
If you apply been oil topically, do you still have to watch out for those issues listed with regards to preparation with other herbs, and cats incompatibility? Or does this only apply to taking it orally?

Also, you mentioned how its not recommended to use beyond one month. What if the skin does not improve within a month? Or, if there is improvement, can this be continued at s lower frequency for its cleansing properties to maintain skin health?

Thank you so much for this information and recommendations, I just found your site and am so intrigued!
eyton shalom said…

using the oil topically there are no restrictions. Cats? not sure what that question is.

on oral use, you can take for much more than a month if you use a brand where it has been cooked with trifal.

Continuous use for more than a month is not advisable unless it is used with butter and honey (which balance the drying and cooling properties) or mixed and blended with other herbs. According to Ayurveda, herbs are taken in combination with other herbs to neutralize the toxicity of one herb with the opposing effect of the other or to enhance the particular effect of one herb with the help of other.

This is why at this point in time I use only Ayush Brand Neem Capsules Neem Plus. in which the Neem Leaf has been prepared according to traditional methods, with Trifala,
shu said…
sorry stupid autocorrect. i meant to type"vata" incompatibility!

also, I find it hard to understand exactly what form of dosha my acne is a result of.. I'm reading hte descriptions but don't seem to find any one of them particularly fitting.. It's mainly forehead acne, not cystic, but inflammed.

Thank you so much for your reply, I wish I were living in San Diego, I will definitely trust your expertise!
eyton shalom said…
generally, if it is more red and inflammed, and you have oily skin, its pitta style.

if dry skin and itchy, vata.

if cold cool skin and more pus, kapha.

but these are sub categories; in general, acne is a pitta disorder
Anonymous said…
Hi i am suffering from psorasis and want to get preganent soon ,so can i still use neem oil on my skin as a oil and not intaking as a capsule.
eyton shalom said…
I am unaware of any contraindication for Neem Oil used on the skin during pregnancy. But yes, dont take by mouth.
Anonymous said…
I had eczema back in 2010, and suffered for 2 years until in Nov-2012 I have undergone panchakarma therapy. It is a 10 days detoxification therapy, and for the next 1 year I had no itch at all, never even had skin rashes. But as time passed I started to build toxins in my body again, so the eczema again showed up. My ayurvedic doctor advised to undergo panchakarma atleast once a year, and so I am going to undergo the treatment again in Jan 2016. There are many types of panchakarma procedures, but my problem was associated with high pitta and khapha imbalance. I should say that the therapy helped me a lot. The hospital I have undergone is at (Udupi District, Karnataka State, India ) but I think you should also have similar therapy centers at USA too. In my case, it costed me $215 for a 10 day treatment which includes hospitalization (non-shared single room) and treatment. So a very effective natural treatment with no side effects and low in cost. I even noticed patients from Germany and Poland taking other types of therapy during my stay in the hospital.
PennieG said…
Hello - Can Ayush Brand Neem Capsules Neem Plus be used for longer than one month since it contains balancing herbs? Should it be taken daily, or 5 days on and 2 days off?

I have a Vata vitiation which in turn is disturbing Pitta causing psoriasis and other issues.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
eyton shalom said…
Hi Pennie,

For Pitta psoriasis aggravated by Vata vitiation , of course i recommend, most important of all, to remove the causes of the Vata elevation, and the pitta elevations. usually when Vata disturbs pitta its when the person already has their pitta elevated.

But with the neem, you can safely take for more than a month, esp if you mix it with ghee and honey in your case. on principle, when taking a bitter medicine over long time, could to take a few days off here and there, after you start to see some progress. but if the psoriasis is a bad case, take continuously for 90 days first....
PennieG said…
Thank you so much.

It's a chronic case of psoriasis I've had since I'm 18 years old...I'm 48 now. My ears, behind my ears at the hairline and my elbows have always been my trouble spots. Thankfully it hasn't progressed. I do follow a gluten-free, dairy-free diet since 1999.

I've tried neem oil topically, but found it messy and strong-smelling. Now I'm using Alaffia Africa Secret topically, which contains neem oil along with shea butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, beeswax, African wild honey, baobab oil, bee pollen, royal jelly. It also alleviated some pain in my right elbow, which is amazing.

I make my own ghee. How much ghee and honey (i use raw honey. is this ok?)do I use with one neem capsule?

Where can I buy Ayush Brand Neem Capsules Neem Plus? If I can't buy them, can I use straight neem with ghee and honey? I also take Organic India triphala. Can I continue to take this while taking neem/ghee/honey?

Thanks again for your help!!!
eyton shalom said…
you can buy on Amazon. for a case like yours i use 1-2, 3x a day and give it a solid 3 months. mix the powder out of the cap with just enough ghee and RAW honey to taste balanced, its will still be bitter. ok w/triphala
eyton shalom said…
can also buy direct from the company