Healthy Living for Vata--Tips/Template

Health Tips for Vatta

The core of health in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are Lifestyle and Diet. You cannot cure with a drug or herb what you have created with a lifestyle. You must correct what is wrong and use the herbs. Here is a template for a health lifestyle for Vatta. In real life, we are all bi-doshic, so this must be adjusted by your Ayurvedic consultant to accomodate your primary and secondary doshas....

*establish a regular routine of food, exercise, rest, and sleep
*do an Ayurvedic self-massage with warm sesame oil or herbalized sesame oil 1x a week
*get plenty of rest—early to bed early to rise for Vata.
*avoid stimulants like coffee, tobacco, alcohol, firearms
*eat warm, nourishing meals on a regular basis. Minimize dry and cold foods like cold cereal.
*eat meals with friends or alone quietly, but not in front of the TV or while reading.
*avoid fasting
*favor foods that are warm, heavier, oily/unctuous, sweet, sour, and salty.
*reduce cold, dry, light, spicy hot, bitter, astringent foods and meals
*no iced beverages, cold or carbonated ones.
*favor warm liquids. In India, old folks drink hot water. They are in the Vata stage.
*stay warm during cold, windy weather
*remedy dry weather with a humidifier and with self oil massage with sesame oil
*create a calm quiet home environment with meditation and simple non-cluttered decorating
*take vacations to warm moist calm places like rural areas in the tropics
*have fun, but avoid excessive stimulation like at casinos, Las Vegas, noisy restaurants. Try museums and cathedrals instead.
*reduce unnecessary travel. When you can walk or take the train rather than drive.
*deal with issues creating anxiety. Talk it over. Work with a psychologist if you need to. Meditate.
*treat insomnia if you have it. You need to sleep. Use herbs and deal with issues keeping you up
*have good sleep culture. Nothing electronic in the bedroom. Do body scanning/progressive relaxation at night before bed.


Chris said…
Making healthy lifestyle choices is certainly key to living a longer, fuller and happier life. It takes considerable discipline, motivation and focus but the rewards are more than worth the effort.