Diet for Pitta Skin Disorders

Dietary Recommendations when using Neem for Pitta Disorders

Foods to Favour:
Light diet, rice, green gram (mung dal) soup, kitcharee, bitter gourd, green leafy vegetables, papaya, pomegranate, Amla, cucumber.

Foods to Avoid:

Avoid fried, spicy food, egg, seafood, pre-packaged food, excess use of meat products, noodles and nuts. They are harmful for the skin as they increase the surface acidity of the blood.

Avoid vegetables with edible seeds, like tomatoe. Worse is tomato sauce, paste, and puree, because they are concentrated. Likewise, concentrated orange juice.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs, including coffee, which are very Pitta aggravating, and produce lots of heat. Avoid long periods of exposure to sun during treatment. Use of cosmetics should be limited.