Skin Disorders: Differentiation By Dosha

Ayurveda assesses skin lesions according to the Dosha imbalance that is at the root of the problem. This is useful for determing which dosha is imbalanced, and therefore what additional dietary and lifestyle remedies will be useful.

Vata Imbalance: The skin lesions due to vata (Air) vitiation are dry, dusky-reddish in color and hard, unevenly spread, have rough edges, are thin, slightly elevated externally, numbed as if paralyzed, covered with bristling hair, afflicted with extreme piercing pain, have scanty purulent or serious discharge. The other features due to Vata predominance include roughness, dryness, pricking sensation, tremors, blisters, contraction, fatigue, rigidity, numbness, ulceration and fissures.

Pitta Imbalance: The skin lesions due to Pitta vitiation are copper colored with cooper colored rough edges of hairs, dense, have plenty of thick discharge of pus, blood and lymph accompanied with itching, moisture, sloughing, burning and suppuration, softening, putrefaction, discharge, and redness.

Kapha Imbalance
: The skin lesions due to Kapha vitiation are glossy, large, raised, smooth, stable and have swollen edges of Whitish red shade covered with white rows of hair, with excessive thick white discharge, very moist, itchy and affected with parasites, slugging in spreading appearance and ulceration, commonly round in shape. The other features due to Kapha predominance include coldness, itching, stability, thickness, elevation, increase of secretion, and excretion.