Baked Eggs Middle Eastern Style: Shakshuka

Great way to make eggs that is not fried and has more vegetables. Baked eggs are really creamy. Use free range eggs. By me, I don't use peppers, and if you are a Pitta type, don't you either; I do use carrots or kale or collards, the latter two help balance the dish and pacify Pitta. Adding coriander powder to the spices will help keep Pitta down, as will topping with Cilantro vs. Parsley. All told though this dish will increase Pitta, so don't make it if you have a strong physical Pitta imbalance.

But its a very good dish for Vatta types, provided they delete the peppers and paprika and cook the onions till sweet. Cumin and Black Pepper are good

For Kapha, no feta cheese,and use the peppers and paprika and maybe even some red chili.

P.S.  the way she drops the powdered spices flat on the hot pan, they will burn, drop them into olive oil or the veggies and stir.

Video from NY Times Chef: How to make Shakshuka 

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