In Chinese Medicine asthma is most often considered cold trapped in the Lungs. Even when the symptoms are of a hot type, such as heat sensations and dark phlgem, once you clear the heat with herbs, you need to deal with the underlying cold.

That is why in all cultures with natural medicine Asthma was treated with hot type plasters, like mustard plaster.

People with asthma typically have weak lungs. When the lungs are weak you are more prone to cold and cold gets in and gets trapped.

I don't believe in panaceas, but if i did believe in one, it would be Ginger. Fresh ginger root is one of the most valuable additions to the American or European diet, because it stimulates the digestive fire, called Agni in Ayurveda. Long pepper is also excellent.

Ginger powder is very valuable in tea, along with long pepper and cinnamon and other spices like Ajwain. Its ginger powder that is used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas for Asthma. One of my favorites is Ayush Brand Tylaphora Plus.

Now comes this research that shows that purified extracts of ginger when combined with beta antagonists relax smooth muscles in the airways and achieve a bronchodilating effect.

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