In Chinese Medicine Organic Food Has More Qi: Why?

Why eat organic? Because its better for you. Why is it better for you, because pesticide residues are poison. Especially for children, whose bodies have a long way to go, please give organic food. Our air is polluted, you have to breathe it. But you have a choice when it comes to food.

In addition, organic produce is higher in antioxidants (see article, below). But in Chinese Medicine the quality we look for in foods is Qi, or "life-force" if you want, something having to do with freshness and quality.

Food high in Qi is grown in good soil and picked when ripe. There is plenty of lousy organic produce out there picked to green, so just because its organic does not make it automaticaly full of Qi, but the potential is there, because in most cases the soil is better, because the soil and plants have themselves been well nourished.

In the case of flesh foods, organic meat in addition to being fed organic grain, etc, will not have hormones and preservatives. Grass fed flesh foods or "pastured" are even better.

We eat too much meat as it is. My logic is I would rather have a healthfully raised chicken twice a month, than toxic chicken 3x a week, although the math is exagerrated. Pasture chicken is about 25 % more expensive, and well worth it. No bad smell because the birds are healthy and fresh.

I buy a whole bird, bake the legs and thighs and breast, and makes soup from the rest, even saving the bones from off my plate and using them in the soup. Just like in the old days. And the bones are full of minerals.

Fruits and vegetables are a function of the soil they are grown in. Healthy soil yields healthy prouduce, high in mineral content. In Chinese medicine these food products are high in Qi.

Here is a link to a recent article on current research in the New York Times Organic Produce has Higher Levels of Anti-oxidants

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